Chasing Hammer – What is it used for in Blacksmithing?

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Chasing Hammer Definition

A chasing hammer is a crucial tool for any blacksmith, and it is essential to understand its proper use and maintenance. A blacksmith uses a chasing hammer to add texture, create designs, and shape metal. The hammer’s unique design and composition make it a versatile tool that can handle a wide range of tasks.

Chasing Hammer
Chasing Hammer Example

This hammer typically has a rounded or flat head and a flat face that allows the blacksmith to apply pressure to specific areas of the metal. The hammer’s handle is usually made of wood or a synthetic material to reduce fatigue while working.

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In blacksmithing, a chasing hammer is used to create textures and designs on the metal surface. The flat face of the hammer is used to flatten and smooth out the metal, while the rounded or flat head can be used to create patterns and textures. For example, a blacksmith can use the rounded head to create a dotted pattern or the flat head to create a linear pattern.

Angle Considerations

One of the most important things to consider when using a chasing hammer is the angle at which it is held. A blacksmith must ensure that the hammer is held at the correct angle to get the desired result. An incorrect angle can result in unwanted marks or damage to the metal.

Types of Chasing Hammers

It is also important to understand the various types of chasing hammers available and their specific uses. For example, some hammers are designed for specific tasks such as texturing or planishing, while others are designed for more general use. The weight and size of the hammer also play a significant role in determining its use and effectiveness.


When it comes to maintaining any hammer, it is crucial to keep it clean and free of rust. A rusty hammer can damage the metal and produce unwanted marks. To prevent rust, blacksmiths should store their tools in a dry place and wipe them down after each use. They should also apply oil or a rust inhibitor to protect the metal from corrosion.


In conclusion, a chasing hammer is an essential tool for any blacksmith, and it is important to understand its proper use, maintenance, and various types. A blacksmith can use a chasing hammer to create intricate designs, textures, and shapes on metal. To get the best results, it is essential to hold the hammer at the correct angle and keep it clean and free of rust. With proper care and usage, a chasing hammer can last for many years and provide a blacksmith with the versatility and precision they need to produce high-quality work.

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