What is Precision Forging?

what is precision forging
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Precision Forging Definition

Precision forging is a metal forming process in which a workpiece is shaped by applying high pressure to the material using a forging press or hammer. The process has the word “precision” because it allows for the creation of complex shapes with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.


What it is used for

Precision forging is often used to manufacture parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical. One of the main benefits of is that it allows for the creation of parts with improved strength and durability compared to parts made using other manufacturing processes. This is because the high pressure applied during the forging process causes the material to become more dense and work-hardened, resulting in a stronger and more durable final product.

Benefit’s of Precision Forging

Another benefit is that it can be used to create parts with a high level of dimensional accuracy. This is because the shape of the workpiece is determined by the shape of the die used in the forging process, which can be machined to very tight tolerances. This allows for the creation of parts with a high level of uniformity, which is important for many applications where a consistent level of quality is required.

Precision forging can be used to manufacture a wide range of parts, including gears, bearings, and shafts. It is also frequently used to create complex shapes, such as those found in aircraft components and automotive engine parts. In addition to its strength and accuracy, it is also known for its cost-effectiveness, as it allows for the creation of large quantities of parts in a short amount of time.


Overall, precision forging is a highly efficient and effective manufacturing process that is used to create a wide range of parts for a variety of industries. Its ability to create strong and accurate parts, as well as its cost-effectiveness, make it an attractive option for manufacturers seeking to produce high-quality parts in large quantities.

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